Keep Cool with Essential Oil Spritzers

by Cynthia Kasper

Call me crazy or crunchy granola, but I do not like air conditioning in my home.  During the dog days of summer, I close all of the windows and blinds when I get up in the morning and turn on a couple of fans.  Then at night when it cools down, I open all of the windows.  Day after dog day.  I also have these easy to make spritzers by my side that help to keep me cool as a cucumber and smelling fresh as a daisy.

How to Make Essential Oil Spritzers

Save tons of money and have peace of mind when you make your own spritzers using therapeutic grade Young Living Essential Oils.  Store bought spritzers are insanely more expensive and the essential oils in the store-bought spritzer could contain synthetic chemical fillers or toxic solvents.  Yuck.  Not good for you or your family.


  • Place 1/8 teaspoon Epsom salts into a 4oz glass bottle with a trigger spray top*
  • Add 5-10 drops of your favorite Young Living Essential Oil to the Epsom salts
  • Once the oils have been absorbed, add purified or filtered water, screw on top and gently shake to mix.  Be sure to shake before each application as well.

That’s it! Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!
Close your eyes and spritz your face, arms, legs.  Go ahead.  Get crazy.

Here are a few oils that you might use:
Lavender:  calming, refreshing.  Good for chapped and sunburned skin.
Lemon:  uplifting, energizing, fresh.  Also great as a disinfectant.
Peppermint:  purifying, energizing, cooling.  Good for tired, swollen feet.
Joy:  uplifting, joyful, magnetic.  For a happy heart!
Purification:  deodorizing, purifying.  Repels bugs, too.

If you want to try them all, save money by ordering Young Living’s Everyday Oils Kit.

By all means, these oils are just a few suggestions.  Let your nose and your imagination be your guide.  And for just pennies on the dollar to make, you can have more than one.  Keep cool and happy spritzing!

*In my experience I have learned that these trigger-style sprayers seem to work better with oils than the regular pump-style spray tops.  If the spray mechanism becomes clogged, just remove it and spray over the sink to clear the liquid from the tube.  Put the tube into a glass of fresh water and pump until you have cleared the clog.  Clear the tube again by pumping over the sink.  Reassemble on the bottle, shake and pump until it is spritzing happily once again.


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