Lunch & Learn

Talk about a productive use of time! Grab your lunch and settle down for 45 minutes of Young Living Learning featuring some of the top experts in the field of therapeutic grade essential oils.

Whether you are a beginner or have been using therapeutic grade essential oils for forever, you are guaranteed to have a few “A-Ha!” moments. Plus, the presenters are closet comediennes so your funny-bone will be tickled as well! Fill in the form below for exclusive access to this Tuesday’s webinar on the 6 Areas in Your Body Where Anxiety Originates (and it is NOT in your head!) Join Jen Springer as she talks about how she pieced together information that led her to healing anxiety and panic attacks naturally. These are places that your doctor would never look, unless, of course, your doctor had a whole body view of healing.

Put your information below to register for the next Lunch & Learn webinar on Tuesday, March 22, 12-12:45 Central Time.