Young Living Essential Oils for Natural Pain Relief

by Cynthia Kasper

Let me ask you a question…. Do you ever pay attention to the warning labels on common over-the-counter medications?  You know, that teeny, tiny print that is on the folded up piece of tissue paper inside of the box?  Most of us don't.  We trust that our doctor or pharmacist will keep our best interest in mind and guide us{C} to products that are safe as well as effective.  This is not the case.  If you took the time to read the label on the box of Tylenol you will find that acetaminophen, the active ingredient in Tylenol, is toxic to the liver.  In addition, recent studies have linked Tylenol to causing asthma in kids.  Not to mention the recent Johnson & Johnson recall of children's Tylenol products because of contamination that was making kids sick.  How safe do you feel now?  Will you continue reaching for Tylenol for headaches and fever or are you open to considering safe and effective therapeutic grade essential oils for your natural pain relief?

Natural Pain Relief Alternatives

I am in your corner.  I remember how challenging it was to make the switch from aspirin and antibiotics to holistic remedies.  It felt foreign and I had tons of questions.  Daily we are bombarded with TV, radio, magazine and internet advertisers touting this drug and that medication.  We have history with how our caregivers handled our own childhood health issues.  What is the best practice to follow?  How do we break from habit and set out on a new course for our health?  Answer?  One baby step at a time.  Here I have compiled a list of common ailments or issues and the Young Living Essential Oil to use as an alternative to Tylenol.  Without the liver toxicity…..

  • achey joints:  wintergreen, PanAway, peppermint on location; Ning Xia Red for joint tenderness
  • back pain:  Aroma Siez, peppermint on location
  • sore ears:  lavender, Melrose, Purification rubbed in a circular direction around the ear (NEVER put essential oils directly in the ear)
  • elevated body temperature:  peppermint applied to bottom of feet, wait 10 minutes. Repeat. Wait 10 minutes. Repeat.
  • headache:  peppermint or PanAway on temples, back of neck.  Put drop on tongue and push against roof of mouth.  Colon MassageSimple Headache Technique.
  • cramps:  Progessence Plus on side of neck, valerian 2 drops internally in blank gel cap or Dragon Time topically
  • muscle aches:  peppermint, wintergreen or PanAway on location
  • sinus congestion:  peppermint, R.C. or Breathe Again on location
  • sore throat:  Thieves Spray on back of throat, gargle with melaleuca alternifolia, Thieves on bottom of feet
  • toothache:  clove or PanAway on location

Please note that the above suggestions are very abbreviated.  For more in-depth insight and suggestions, please refer to The Essential Oil Desk Reference.

In summary, Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils provide safe and effective natural pain relief.  It is also important to discover the cause of the ailment and not just treat the symptom.  This is where true healing lies.

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